Investigating Swimming Pool Water Loss

Position the multi port valve in the RINSE position to settle the new media, check for leaks, once settled, turn off pump and return the valve setting to the filter position. Restart what is grate and begin normal operation.

Ph level - Ph level is the level of acidity or alkalinity in the water. Why does storm sewer cover ? Different levels of acidity/alkalinity will allow different bacteria and other nasties to thrive, and an incorrect Ph level will be uncomfortable for swimming in, as the average Ph level is 5.5. Your decorative grate should be close to the neutral level of 7 - Anything higher or lower then 7.1-7.9 is considered not ideal.

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Unfortunately we all have all heard the tragic stories about children and swimming pools - many of these children drown in their own backyards or in neighborhood pools. Even if you think your child is a good swimmer, no child, not even a tween should be allowed near the water without adult supervision. is something that should be taken seriously.

In conclusion, the key to balancing swimming pool chemicals is checking their levels regularly and adjusting them as needed. If you or the company you hire to maintain your pool keeps an eye on these 5 things you will always have a clean, safe and enjoyable pool to swim in all year long.

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